Frequently Asked Questions

This is how you watch a concert on Sound of Ghent
  • Buy your ticket in the concert calendar
  • Receive your ticket by mail from the sender 'Tickets Gent'
  • Click the green button in the mail and log on to the platform
  • Enjoy the concert
Problems? Check out the tips below.
Need help?
Contact the organisation via Facebook of e-mail. 
Make sure you have a good Internet connection
  • Check your Wi-Fi connection: it’s crucial for the live stream.
  • Play it safe and connect your device to your network via a cable (LAN). 
Search your ticket mail
  • You should normally receive your ticket mail immediately after your purchase.
  • Check your spam folder for a mail from Tickets Gent.
  • Contact the organisation and the mail can be resent.

How to log on correctly
  • Click the green button in the ticket mail and log on to the platform.
  • You have three options:
    • You can log on with your existing data using 'Facebook' or 'Google'.
    • You can enter new data 'via e-mail'.

       When you log on the first time, create your account 'via e-mail'  (link top right)
  • Enter your name, it will appear in the chat during the live stream
  • Enter your e-mail address and a password of your choice, this is not linked to any previous transactions.
  • Click the green 'Create account' button. This takes you directly to the platform.
Where can you find your ticket number
  • This number can be found underneath the green button in the ticket mail.
What about hitches or no moving image at the start
  • Reload the page. 
  • Try it in another browser, preferably Google Chrome.
  • Preferably watch via a laptop or PC (Chromecast is also possible)
  • Try logging out of then logging back in again and returning to the concert via 'My Tickets' or the ticket mail.
How to rewatch (up to two days after)
  • Log on to Sound of Ghent via your ticket mail.
  • Click play, you'll see the countdown timer start running.
  • If a frozen image or something other then the event appears, fast forward for a moment. This was the time the audience spent live in the 'waiting room'.
  • Enjoy