di. 29.11 — 19:30 Studium Generale: Samie Blasingame - Food in a world shaped by Climate Change 
There is so much potential to help ease the climate crisis, as well as address many health and social issues, through a shift in the ways we choose to produce, consume and think about food. Recognizing the unjust consequences of industrialized food on people and planet, resulting in food and agriculture contributing more than a quarter of global greenhouse gases and to countless unnecessary diseases worldwide, community organisers and food justice activists like Samie Blasingame are insisting on critical and speculative conversations on food and agricultural production: “… we must learn to reconnect with our food and reestablish its value – and that of healthy soil – as what nourishes and sustains us.” Join us as Samie Blasingame guides us – and challenges us – to re-imagine future food systems that are local, community-managed, ecologically resilient, and globally equitable. 

Samie Blasingame is a community-focused activist, researcher, and creative based in Berlin, passionate about environmental and climate justice, circular design, ecosystem thinking, and global food systems. Forever an advocate of people power, her work continues to express elements of community building and collective imagination.