di. 08.11 — 19:30 Studium Generale: Esther Stanford-Xosei - Reparations; A praxis for ecological restoration and repair 
Esther Stanford-Xosei works towards the bringing to an end of the Maangamizi (the African Hellacaust), ecocide and the persistent extraction of wealth and resources from oppressed peoples. An avid champion of reparations, Esther posits that: “No vision of climate justice is complete without a roadmap to holistic reparations otherwise known as Planet Repairs.” In her Studium Gent lecture, Esther takes us on a visionary future in which reparations for the colonial past, and the neo-colonial present, have found firm footing in global and local ecologies in dire need of cultural, epistemological, legal, political and social-economic repair. 

Esther Stanford-Xosei is a Motherist, and decolonial Pan-Afrikanist Jurisconsult, Reparationist and Community Advocate engaged in reparations policy, research and movement-building under the auspices of the Pan-Afrikan Reparations Coalition in Europe, the Stop The Maangamizi Campaign and the International Network of Scholars & Activists for Afrikan Reparations and the Extinction Rebellion Being The Change Affinity Network. Esther is currently completing a PhD in the history of the International Social Movement for Afrikan Reparations in the UK at the university of Chichester.